Help to fund a major creative talent

Nick Papadimitriou is an old friend and long-time imaginative-intellectual collaborator of mine, I consider his book Scarp to be one of the finest contributions to contemporary writing about place and psyche. If you’d like to get a feel for the man and his methodology, have a look at John Rogers’s film about Nick’s life, The London Perambulator. As you’ll see, Nick hasn’t exactly dropped out – but he’s never dropped in; and conventional publishing deals are consequently elusive. If you’d like to fund a major creative talent, please visit Nick’s Patreon fundraising page.

Madness of crowds: mental health treatment

David Cameron entered office in 2010 as the leader of a coalition government committed to estab­lishing “parity of esteem” between mental and physical illness in the NHS. Five years later, he’s back as PM, presiding over a majority Tory government, and just about everyone in the country who works with the mentally ill – including the patients – are quaking in their boots. Spending on mental health now comprises just 13 per cent of the NHS budget, while its so-called “disease burden” stands at 23 per cent. In other words, a fifth of all those treated by the NHS are suffering from some sort of mental pathology.