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“Though I have never been able to get into Will Self’s fiction which I always experience as somewhat laboured, I found this collection of previously published magazine and newspaper essays, restaurant reviews and short features instant, engaging, thoughtful and provoking, insightful, often laugh out loud funny, subversive and full of humanity. From a review of an English Country Garden restaurant experienced on acid to Self interviewing JG Ballard via an essay on The Westway, if that sounds good to you, give it a go.” A Reader

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Feeding Frenzy – Guardian Review

From The Guardian review of Feeding Frenzy by Zulfikar Abbany, November 11, 2001

Feeding Frenzy sets a marker on Self’s career, not least because the unorthodox restaurant reviews he wrote for The Observer, from 1995-97, are collated here – reviews that afforded him a notoriety with which he colluded. While readers choked on their laughter, cooks across the country were after Self’s blood.