The London Perambulator

The London Perambulator, a documentary directed by John Rogers, will feature an extended interview with Will Self and is being screened at the Whitechapel Gallery in London on April 29 at 7pm as part of the East End Film Festival.

“Leading London writers and cultural commentators Will Self, Iain Sinclair and Russell Brand explore the importance of the liminal spaces at the city’s fringe, its Edgelands, through the work of enigmatic and downright eccentric writer and researcher Nick Papadimitriou – a man whose life is dedicated to exploring and archiving areas beyond the permitted territories of the high street, the retail park, the suburban walkways. John Rogers’ film looks at the city we deny and the future city that awaits us.”

Following the screening there will be an ‘Edgelands’ panel discussion with Self, Iain Sinclair, Andrea Philips and John Rogers looking at art, public space and the potentials hidden in the forgotten corners of the city.

Rogers says: “The documentary is about our relationship with the edgelands of the city and is focused on Will’s friend and researcher Nick Papadimitriou. There are also interviews with Iain Sinclair and Russell Brand. Of particular interest to readers of Will Self is the part of the film where Nick and Will talk about Will’s Interzone project of the 1980s and footage from their walk to Heathrow on the way to LA in July.”

For more information about the film, go here at the London Perambulator.