David Tennant To Appear In Adaptation Of A Will Self Short Story

Actor David Tennant, a former Doctor in Dr Who, will be playing the role of Will, a “witty, acerbic artist” in a one-off drama for Sky Arts based on “The Minor Character”, a short story by Will Self. “The Minor Character” was published in the collection The Undivided Self. Further details to follow.

You can find The Undivided Self at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

You can also listen to Will reading The Minor Character.

Will Self – Professor Of Contemporary Thought

Will Self is to become Professor of Contemporary Thought at Brunel University. You can read the Guardian’s news story for the full details and Will’s own thoughts on the appointment in his Guardian column. There’s also an interview with him at the Times Higher Education website here and an interview on The Breakfast Show at the 2hr 44min mark here.

Self will be giving a joint talk entitled “Urban Psychosis” in the university’s public lecture series at its campus in Uxbridge, on 29 March.

Slow Life

Men’s Health magazine have selected eight of Will Self’s columns written for the magazine to be showcased under the title Slow Life – several have been mentioned here previously. Follow the link to read all eight columns in full online.

Will Self in The Best Of Spike Magazine

There are four vintage interviews with Will Self featured in the newly published Kindle ebook The Best Of SpikeMagazine.com – The Interviews, now available on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

Ranging from 1997 to 2002, the four interviews cover Will’s novels Great Apes and How the Dead Live as well as the short story collection Tough Tough Toys For Tough Tough Boys and the journalism collection Feeding Frenzy. The interviews with Will feature alongside conversations with JG Ballard, Ralph Steadman, Douglas Coupland, Quentin Crisp, Julie Burchill, Catherine Camus (daughter of Albert Camus) and more.

Will Self On Psychiatry

“… psychiatrists stand – whether they acknowledge it themselves and whether people collectively acknowledge it – at the threshold between happiness and sadness and between sanity and madness, between the particular and quotidian and the transcendent. This is a priestly role. You might say that a GP occupies a ‘vicar function’ and but I’m thinking more of the old religion, in terms of priests who manage the transition from the phenomenal to the numinal…”

An interview with Will about the role of psychiatry at Frontier Psychiatrist.