Beyond Kafka’s Wound

Will Self discusses a range of issues provoked by his digital essay Kafka’s Wound at with Nicholas Spice and Helen Jeffrey from the London Review of Books, and Dan Franklin, Digital Publisher at Random House.

Is this unique digital essay a proto-form for a new type of deeper engagement with long form content on the web? What can modernism tell us about the digital storm sweeping through our world? How might collaborative digital authorship move forward? What next?

Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design

Will Self is going to be part of a panel discussion about physics and cosmology at the Royal Society tonight with Stephen Hawking, Dara O Briain, Athene Donald, Martin Rees and Adam Rutherford. To follow the debate, go to @DiscoveryUK or follow the hashtag #StephenHawking on Twitter.

Stephen Hawking’s three-part series Grand Design begins on September 13 on the Discovery channel.