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Will Self – The Book Of Dave

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“The Book of Dave” is based around the rants of Dave Roth, a disgruntled East End taxi driver, who writes his woes down and buries them only to have them discovered 500 years later and used as the sacred text for a religion that has taken hold in the flooded remnants of London. Will Self’s big bold book dares to take on the grand themes in the grand manner. It is at once a profound meditation upon the nature of received religion; a love story; a caustic satire of contemporary urban life and a historical detective story set in the far future.

The Book Of Dave – The Observer’s “essential reading” predictions for 2006

Alex Clark, January 2006

“In rather less sombre vein, Douglas Coupland’s jPod (Bloomsbury, June) is a typically satirical take on the new breed of supergeeks and, in itself, an update of the bestselling Microserfs. Meanwhile, Will Self’s new novel, The Book of Dave (Viking, March), takes us to a post-apocalyptic London in which a cabbie’s memoirs become the unexpected inspiration for a new religion. Look out also for new books from Helen Dunmore, Alan Warner, AM Homes, Jake Arnott and Clare Morrall, and a much-anticipated debut in Gautam Malkani’s Londonstani (Fourth Estate, May).”

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