Phone interviews

Listen to Will talking for about half an hour on Afternoon Edition (available for 28 days) on BBC Radio 5 live here at the 1hr 11 minute mark, taking in the “muted” general election, autism, how the smartphone has changed us and finishing his trilogy of modernist novels with Phone in which “a new technology is visited upon us and a new conflict ensues and what ensues from that … is a new form of mental illness”. He also reveals that he’ll be recording an audiobook of Phone and that his next book will be a memoir.

Will was also on the Robert Elms show on BBC Radio London, which you can listen to here at the 1hr 10min mark (available for 28 days); an FT podcast; and Front Row on Radio 4 (at the 6 minute mark) here in which he reads a short passage from Phone, taking in James Joyce, the anti-psychiatry movement and why Alzheimer’s might be a sane response to today’s world.