iAnna Russian Dolls

Amy Fellows, a final-year student in Illustration at Norwich NUA, was inspired by Will Self’s short story iAnna – which was written to mark the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 – to create a set of Russian Dolls looking at “themes of madness, technology and internal incarceration”. Here, she gives a brief description of what the piece is about:

“The work is a response to Will Self’s short story iAnna as part of my second year at NUA, where I’m currently doing a degree in Illustration. (We were briefed to create a cover and four illustrations.) I set out to convey a sense of clinical inspection by shooting the work in my white-tiled bathroom and the decoupaged dolls are a description of the characters and themes throughout the story. I used historical images of the medical world to suggest that the madness in iAnna is a progression of images we associate with the notorious Bedlam Hospital. The structure of the piece itself may be internalised – a comment on the human mind and the way we treat mental health today.”