Kafka’s Wound

Will Self is blogging here about a digital essay he’s writing, Kafka’s Wound, commissioned by the London Review of Books, which will be launched on The Space website.

His essay will examine his personal relationship to Kafka’s work through the lens of the short story “A Country Doctor” (1919), and in particular through the aperture of the wound described in that story.

The essay is being “through composed” with Will’s own thoughts, as he works, being responded to by digital-content providers – many of whom are colleagues of his at Brunel University. The entire digital essay will go live in July.

There’s also a news story about the wider project at the Guardian here.

Also, tomorrow at City University in London from 5pm to 7pm, Will is going to be part of a panel discussing the difficulties inherent in translation, with particular reference to the aforementioned Kafka story. For more details go here.