Nick Griffin and his pea-brained saddos

“The British National Party are always whining about how the ‘media pigs’ distort their honest yeoman words into sinister neo-fascist claptrap, and demanding they be given serious consideration. The other night, listening to the midnight news on Radio 4, it seemed to me that they’d got what they asked for.

“It was a dispassionate report about a meeting of BNP candidates for the European parliamentary elections. Nick Griffin, the party fuhrer, had said that he didn’t mind picking up protest votes because of the expenses scandal – the British public had every right to protest.

“Now, it won’t be long before Labour MPs and ministers crawl out of the non-ideological woodwork where they spend most of their time hiding, and begin their own plainting. They’ll be telling the electorate that we must vote Labour, however disillusioned we may be with the Government’s record, if only to keep the BNP out.”

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