Nuclear disarmament starts at home, ‘Bush-lite’ Obama

“Is it only me, or is anyone else getting a weird feeling of ‘Dubya Lite’ coming off the shapely form of Barack Obama as he tools Air Force One around the world, a-meetin’ and a-greetin’?

“It was bad serendipity indeed that bouffant-haired nutter Kim Jong-il chose to launch his duff ICBM on the same day Obama stood up in Prague and committed himself to a world without nuclear weapons, but even so I remain unconvinced that North Korea’s nuclear ambitions really are the biggest threat to peace that we face.

“Let’s step out of the comfort zone of Western power just for a second and try and see the world from a different perspective: here we have the man who has his finger on the trigger of the biggest nuclear arms stockpile in the world, gaily telling us that the proliferation of these weapons must be stopped.”

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