Will Self’s Writing Room – A 360 Degree View In 71 Photos

Will Self’s writing room is a masterpiece of organised chaos – and photographer Phil Grey has captured it in a montage of 71 photos which pan 360 degrees around the room. Originally designed to work as a Hockney-esque fractured portrait of the room, with the photos overlapping and contrasting perspectives against one another, we’ve tweaked it a little to make it available on the website. The internet version of Phil’s work is a 71 picture slideshow – simply click each picture to see the next one, or use the arrows at the bottom of the screen. Follow the link to see for yourself.

Will Self’s Writing Room – A 360 Degree View In 71 Photos

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“As the blurb describes, it centres around the concept of masculinity. The role of the male in the modern world. After forty years of feminism, Will Self and David Gamble seem to suggest that not only has traditional male-gender roles been virtually erased, but there does not seem to any sufficient replacement. The ‘New Man’ seeming to be something of an optimistic sociological euphemism for the empty shell which rests in its place.

Perfidious Man – Guardian Review

Reviewed by James Hopkin, December 2000

“This book of photographs and text is an intriguing collaboration between the photographer David Gamble and that portraitist of a grotesque humanity, Will Self. Gamble has snapped all manner of men at work and play, from celebrities and artists (Hockney, Hawking, Bruno, Crisp) to hippies, sailors, drinkers and protesters.For the most part the pictures are unposed and spontaneous, framed to give us a glimpse of masculinity in process. Or should that be in crisis?”

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Perfidious Man

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Through text and pictures, this book will explores what it is to be a man at the turn of the century, whether masculinity can be said to have any currency any more, and asks “where have all the real men gone?”