Kafka’s Wound Up For A Gong

Will Self’s innovative ‘Kafka’s Wound’ digital essay for The Space has been selected as a contender for the “Best Digital Humanities blog, article, or short publication” award. Please vote at DHAwards.org before midnight on Sunday 17 February 2013. Will Self’s project entry is the last one on the list for that award.

A Point Of View: In Defense Of Obscure Words

Both general readers and specialist critics often complain about my own use of English – not only in my books, but also in my newspaper articles and even in radio talks such as these. “I have to look them up in a dictionary”, they complain – as if this were some kind of torture.

Follow the link for the full transcript of Will Self on A Point Of View: In Defense Of Obscure Words. You can also listen to the radio broadcast through the BBC iPlayer.



Umbrella, was published in the UK by Bloomsbury on 16th August 2012. You can buy online at Amazon.co.uk.

Umbrella was published in the USA by Grove Press on January 8th 2013 – You can buy online at Amazon.com

“A brother is as easily forgotten as an umbrella.” James Joyce, Ulysses

Recently having abandoned his RD Laing-influenced experiment in running a therapeutic community – the so-called Concept House in Willesden – maverick psychiatrist Zack Busner arrives at Friern Hospital, a vast Victorian mental asylum in North London, under a professional and a marital cloud. He has every intention of avoiding controversy, but then he encounters Audrey Dearth, a working-class girl from Fulham born in 1890 who has been immured in Friern for decades.

The Death Of A Government Inspector – Will Self and the English National Opera

Will Self has contributed a very short story, The Death Of A Government Inspector, to the English National Opera’s new search for global talent called Mini Operas. Everyone is invited to listen to stories by Will, A.L. Kennedy and Neil Gaiman and then write a 5 – 7 minute script for an opera based on the story. You can read the full details of the Mini Operas competition on the official site.